What is My Story and What can you Learn from it?

Every person has a journey, everyone including you and me has a story. And every story has a meaningful message, we are all going from one destination to another. I promise you, you won’t regret reading mine. Not a very inspiring story, but just the cruel truth of a kid.

October 14, 2016. I was a freshman in university. I had average marks from high school, averaging from 70-80s. I wasn’t the brightest nor the one with most talent. In fact, I have to take a private school for math, only receiving a 70 out of pity. My athletic was all right, I played soccer and basketball in high school despite the fact I am only 160 cm in height. Being short in height, I was not very popular either.

Either way, I was a pretty normal person, who did not know a single truth about society and trusted everyone and anyone. I was more of a nerd or a geek, the only thing I would say I am good at is gaming and being an anime fan. Pretty cool life, except for the fact, it wasn’t meaningful to me.

Anyhow, on October 14, 2016. Just a month after starting university.
I remember this day like it was yesterday. (I don’t really remember yesterday… but you get the idea). It was night time, around 6 pm, after I finished my classes.

I checked my phone, a message showed up through WeChat (its more of a Chinese social app). I got this message, it was a female, she was asking if I wanted to meet up. Of course, as an 18-year-old, single desperate male, I agreed to the meeting.

She sends me a location, she said to meet-up at the nearby shoppers’ drug mart, which I arrived around 6:30ish, only to discover she isn’t here. I texted her, asking where she is.
She then messages me that she was in a crisis, she needed money, wonder if I could help her out in exchange for some private business.

(Again, I was a single, virgin male. so I agreed. And I was stupid too.)
Anyway, it turns out to be a fraud, and they took advantage of me and eventually they stole $2,000 Canadian dollars from me.
(Yeah, I know I am a retard back then.)

So what’s the point of this story? Well, first, is to learn not to be stupid and second there is more to it. And this is the part, we all need to learn.
Well, they kept on threatening me. Declaring that they will murder my family and all that crap. Which made the 18-year-old me, who was pretty innocent and have no experience with any of these kept believing.

Lesson One: Never be scared of bullshits.
I learned that the hard way. Life is not a movie, we don’t all get to be the main character of a sad story. But life is a journey, so learn how to detect scams. It is very important in this digital age.
Eventually, it reaches 12 midnight and my parents called me because, why the hell is their kid not home at 12 midnight? Hoping me that I was not doing drugs. They came to pick me up and drove me home. I told them what happened, they yelled at me. Telling me that I was a disappointment and regretted to have me. (Thanks, Dad.)

That night, I cried really, really hard until my voice cracked, that I could not cry anymore.
I then told my friends, and that is when you actually know if your friends actually are friends. All of them was saying it’s okay, it’s going to be all right. But I could tell, I developed the emotion to tell whether if they were actually calling me a retard or not. And let’s just say, I even wanted to call myself a retard.

My life ended there. I did not know what to do. My parents are disappointed in me, my friends are a bunch of fakes, I had no goals nor motivation to move in life. I wanted to die. Fell into the darkness and walked into the abyss. I lay in my bed, counting the iTunes card I brought for those scammers.

Around 2 pm, I was still sitting on the edges of my bed, covering myself with a blanket. I don’t know if it was God’s choice or maybe miracles do happen, but my phone ding, it was a message.
It was from a friend from China, she asked what happened. I told her the same exact story that I told everyone. I thought to myself. Whatever, nobody cares about me anyway, you wouldn’t either. I threw my phone on to the bed as I overwhelm myself with negative thoughts.

After a while, my phone rings again. Another message, from this China girl. Her response was different from that others. Goddess and saviours are real and legit. They actually exist. She told me this, so learn it.

Lesson Two: Read the Goddess’ Quote.
“It’s okay, you made a mistake in life, but let’s get on with it. Don’t waste your life just because you made one bad choice, I’m happy that you realized your mistake.” – Momo
So what’s the point of all these? You listened to a guy with a crappy story and yeah, what a waste of time.
I understand, everyone is busy with life. Whether it’s work, social media, friends, school, or just moving along with life itself. We are always putting ourselves at the center.
But sometimes, it becomes necessary for us to slow down and think and grow. Every mistake is a lesson. Sure, I don’t have an inspiring story like Oprah or J.K Rowling but this is my life, the life that I get to live in.

Lesson Three: Treasure your Life.
If you ever feel like you are at the bottom of your life. Talk to someone, who’s been there too. Climb out of it, don’t go suicidal just because of stress or one mistake. Don’t go suicidal because everything fell apart. Re-build your life, go build your whole Empire State Building.

Lesson Four: Be grateful. Always be Grateful. Thank You for Reading.
All you need is one person to change your life.
Don’t give up.