Life is a colossal word, no one can really define it but everyone believes that they understand it. Well, why wouldn’t we? We are living it at this moment. We are living our own lives right this moment. Same as you, I too have my own little story.
First, a little of my life to you. I am 21, live with my parents and my girlfriend. I have a part-time job and studies at Ryerson University. Pretty decent for a 21 years old student, I do believe. So why I am blogging about changing our lives and upgrading?
Great power comes with great responsibilities and with great responsibilities, you would have great power. I have a dream, a goal, a mission, you can define it as a purpose of life. I believe I am pretty ordinary but everyone has their own purpose and talents. And my purpose in life is to become better for myself. I want to achieve the dreams that crossed upon my lifetime. I learned that to accomplish your dreams, you have to climb. Step by step, second by second till you reach your destination.
Why is upgrading essential to having a good life?  Because upgrading means getting rid of your old-self for the better. The biggest change that I have in my life was mental changes. I started to understand how my body and brain function and how am I able to take care of it. Let me tell you a secret, without a healthy body your body will not be able to function to its max capacity and vice versa. Your body and mind are connected, therefore one will affect the other in a variety of ways. To achieve your mission, you have to make sure you are taking care of yourself first. And that means, have a clear pathing with your mind. Starting with your basic needs and your baby steps.
Step 1 is done, so let’s move on to step 2. Of course, when I mean by upgrading I also meant your lifestyle. How do you live your life? Why do you live it that way?. If you come home every day after school or after work and you relax by having entertaining activities. Sure, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone needs a break once in a while especially after long hours of work. But that’s not a lifestyle.
Lifestyle = living your life in a style that can achieve your dreams.
If you are just gaming all day with the intention of getting a rank that does absolutely nothing towards your career or your future, then what is the point?. This is taken directly from my life as well, spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours to have fun to reach an insignificant point so I can brag to others. I always ask myself, what is the point?. Well, the answer easily became, I was ignorant of the time that I used.
I like gaming, well, who doesn’t? Its apart of escaping reality. And that’s the mentality you need to change. Reality will be reality, it will always exist. Don’t escape it, run at it, and change it.
Change your lifestyle, don’t just sit on the couch and watch television all day. Understand the person you truly want to be. Vision your ideal self and start to change yourself to become him or her. Don’t ignore the seconds that are given to you.
Alright, the last step to upgrading yourself is to execute. Dreams will always be dreams if you don’t make it a reality. So, go do it.
Number one – Take care of your mental and physical body
Number two – Change your mentality and lifestyle to a better one
Number three – Just Do It. Your reality was given to you, so let the revolution start.

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