I talked about systems before, simply it is just a program to run for your life. You might think differently, but systems definitely can help and improve your efficiency of life.
We all know what is a blueprint, a complex design plan for a building or a drawing of a model. You may wonder, isn’t this just planning? We do that all the time. Yes, but the blueprint system goes into a more complex effect. When the majority of us plan for something, we usually plan for our days or maybe events that are coming up soon, we hardly plan for our future.
Sure, we might plan for our tomorrow, but who actually plans for their future. I have a friend, right now she is in high school, almost graduating and moving on to university. She told me that she couldn’t enter the business program because she didn’t take the major math courses and it was too late now. I knew her for quite a long time, but never actually understood her. I thought to myself, maybe I could have helped her if I took the action and told her about this system. She never planned her life out, now she regrets it.
When is the future?
If you ever asked this question, I would tell you. That is the most stupid question I heard. The answer was obvious, the future is now. Every single second you are not using, you are wasting it. I have been in the same position, I never planned my life out. Letting it pass-by doing unnecessary things every day. Letting my potential future being wasted, we only have so long to live. Why waste it?.
Talents being Wasted
Imagine yourself, laying inside a coffin. You are dead, cold and darkness surrounds your body. Spirits rasing up from the underneath, all of them speaking and whispering into your ears. Haunting you, calling you out. “You have wasted us, talents that you could have achieved and performed.” Now, think hard about your current life. Is it the life that you want? Whatever you are doing right now, is it trying to achieve your goals, your dreams, is it trying to make you regret your future?
2 years from now, how are you able to tell yourself, I am happy because I didn’t waste the previous years?. Maybe 1 year? What about 6 months? How about 3 days. Life can pass by in a blink of an eye. Sometime in the future, come back and tell me. You haven’t regretted your life.
Simple Steps of Using the BluePrint System.
Step 1: Organize your thoughts – you can’t plan if you have unnecessary thoughts
Step 2: Think about your destination (always upgrade and go further when you achieve it)
Step 3: Make goals and improve each day ( 1% each day is enough)
Step 4: Commit and don’t quit, no matter how hard, don’t quit.
Step 5: Remind yourself, “I want success, so bad, that I want to breathe.”

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