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For those who know me well enough, you would know a bit of my story. Which you can definitely read it here. But that’s only a side note, let’s start the lesson.

Starting From Zero

A topic that I always wanted to teach others, especially those who are at the bottom of their life. Climbing out is hard, even if it seems simple and easy.
Let me explain zero to you. The number zero typically describes the beginning. The starting point isn’t one. It’s zero. Zero isn’t nothing. Zero is just the beginning of a great creation. Zero can become anything.
The most important lessons that school had taught me was math. The simple and basic math that rules the way we lived.
If we add one to zero, we get one. If we subtract one, we will get a negative one.
I want you to imagine, you are the number Zero. The more positive numbers you add to yourself, the more you become. And vice-versa, the less you will be when you add negative numbers. Life, in a nutshell, is just a pile of numbers adding into yourself.
In tennis, Zero = Love. The importance of zero is to love yourself.

Lesson One: Self-awareness – Lesson based on Gemma Leigh Roberts on

What is self-awareness, how is it important and why you should develop it.
Simply enough, self-awareness literally means the awareness of oneself. The only thing that you can control in this world is yourself. Your riches, your values, your emotions, and your actions. All of these things are just a part of self-awareness. Self-awareness is and could be more than the surface.
Here are just some insights and lessons I learned from watching her course. Definitely check her lessons out for more in-depth details as there are a lot more to learn.
Reflect using the ABC Model

  • Activating Events
  • Beliefs
  • Consequences

Your beliefs control your emotions and actions

  • They are your powers and your thoughts
  • They are how you see the world

A drive is what motivates us to do something

  • The stronger your drive, or how I like to call it. The stronger your WHY, you more you will do.

Key Drivers for motivation

  1. Mastery – How good you are at the task
  2. Autonomy – Freely making decisions and determining how to complete tasks
  3. Purpose – working towards a large goal

Determine your values and anti-values

  • These determine a core of yourself
  • Find them and you might just discover your true calling

Intention Vs Impact

  • Don’t let your intention impact others the wrong way.
  • Good intention doesn’t always mean good impact
  • Sometimes, it could lead to terrible scenarios

Feedbacks, feedbacks, feedbacks!

  • Feedbacks are important, use them wisely and you can easily improve.
  • Don’t see them as negativity. See them as opportunities.

Self-awareness vs Other perspectives of you

  • You aren’t money, you can’t make everyone like you.
  • Be who you want to be

Review > Refine > Repeat

  • Always be experimenting with yourself, change yourself to be better.

Change is constant, change is an opportunity

  • Don’t be afraid of change, sometimes you can’t escape it.

Challenge yourself

  • If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never progress. Don’t confuse movement with progress.

Define your success

  • You are living for yourself and not anyone else. You determine your life, determine your success and determine what much you want it.

These are just some basic information that I learned, but the truth is that I learned much more than the words above. Allowing me to realized many things in my own life. Such as sharing knowledge to others and helping others grow as well.

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