Everyone has relationship problems, everyman needs to become a better man. It doesn’t matter how you are or what you do for a life. You can always improve yourself as a better man. There is always something you can do better to improve your relationship with your girl. There are just a couple of things that you might want to consider when improving yourself as a better man for your woman.
It Doesn’t Matter how Busy you are, Your Woman always comes First. 
Ask yourself, what are you busy for, what are you doing all the work for? Money, fame, power? What is the whole point if you are trading your relationship for success?. Now, hear my perspectives out before you say success requires you to sacrifice your relationship.
I agree when your relationship holds your success, your ambitions and your dreams back. Get the fk out of that relationship, find someone else, there is always someone better for you. But if you are like me, who invested a whole entire year or a hell lot of time into that relationship. You don’t want to let go of that connection or she doesn’t want to let go. Maybe you still have affections for her, and maybe you don’t. But the time, effort, and money you spent on her is still a huge amount.
So you are stuck at a crossroad and you ask yourself, wtf do I do? So listen up, you have two choices, either get yourself out of the relationship or make things better. A little affection is all she wants, spend some time with her. Watch a movie, play a small game, or even just talk to her. All she needs is a little bit of your busy ass time. And besides every man needs a woman in his life, that loves him unconditionally.
Appreciate and Gratitude 
Have you ever asked yourself, what do you desire? Yes? No? Maybe everyone did that already. But have you ever asked what she desires?. Of course, she wouldn’t tell you. Why would she? (maybe sometimes she will, but very unlikely). Satisfy her wants, make her happy and form your happiness around her desire.
Sure, maybe she does things you don’t like. Maybe she does stupid things and you don’t like it. I know my girlfriend does things I don’t like, but what can I do? Do I say that’s stupid, let’s not do it? Kinda. I actually do, but there is always another story.
Appreciate her ideas, whatever if it is dumb or not. If it is stupid, a tip of advice. “Let’s make stupid things smart, and boring things fun”. Appreciates her ideas, all she wants is for you guys to be happy. 
Discussions and Connections and Communication.
Many times, you will feel stressed-out being together with her. I am pretty sure, I stand for many guys out there. Sometimes you ask yourself, why are you even in a relationship with her. Sometimes you complained and regret that fact too or simply you feel some other person is better.
Now, as a business student. Life revolves around values, values = benefit – cost. Do some calculations and figure out the number yourself. If the value is negative, you better do something to increase it. Discuss with her about your feelings and see if you guys can do something about it. Like cutting the cost or increasing the benefit to gain a value that is worth your life. Because she might just be the keeper.
Connecting with her is important as well, so much sure you have enough body to body with her. It is healthy for both, you and her. Emotional health + physical health = happy health. Alright, so what about friends, especially the opposite sex of you. Connections with them? Your so and so says, “I am jealous because you are talking to her”. Do you get rid of them because she is jealous? But if you do that, it’s hurting your own feelings and your connections as well.
It’s all about trust, you need trust to form a stable relationship. Maybe you like to talk to other people more because of the joy that they gave me. You sudden met someone who has the same opinions and the same interest as you and that feeling becomes larger. There is a lot of relationships that failed because of another person. You get bored or she gets bored with the relationship and it isn’t working out. So what do you do?
Control yourself and take a deep long thought. Communicate to yourself about your efforts and think about her efforts. Reflect on your actions, and think hard about your own ethics and morals. What is the best for both of you, is it right to be together?.  Sometimes, you have to make a choice. Between a villain or a hero. A choice for both parties to be happy. Think hard, and when you do, don’t regret.


“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” – George Sand



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