Overwhelm, being defeated completely. have you ever feel so overwhelmed that the only thing you could think about is how? I am not a good artist or a good painter, but if I had an art piece. Self-improvement would be my drawing of art. Recently there is an abundance of activities that need to complete. There are classes, there is work, there is blogging, there is studying, and the list goes on. In a 24 hour day, it is impossible to complete everything and there will just pile up and pile. So what do you do when you are stressed and these things are nightmares that comes after you day after day?
#1. Give up and put these things aside for a moment. 
Life is not just about giving yourself a hard time,  sure, the hard you work the more you will succeed. But these activities will erode you, they will start feeding on you, draining you completely. You aren’t a machine, you need a break, you need to enjoy your life more. You are only Human. You don’t have to do everything at once.
#2.  Time management is a key essential skill. 
For my entire life, ever since elementary, my teachers always told me to master time management. But I never actually understand it, I mean I always had a schedule planned out for me. I go to school for a good 8 hours, I come home, eat, shower, then go some homework and sleep. Isn’t that pretty scheduled? But I learned the true meaning of time management. You can’t manage time, it is impossible to control it. There are events that will change your schedule from time to time. The only thing you can do is to adapt time into your life. Let me explain further, there are 24 hours in a day, let say you work a typical 9-5 work, you work up around 5-7. After work, you probably arrive at home by 6, have supper and shower. By then it’s around 7-8 then you are free. From work to being free, that is 10 hours gone. Meaning you only have 14 hours, seems a lot does not it? In these 14 hours, an average human sleeps around 7-8. So you have 6 hours to actually freedom. Time management equals the ability to utilize these 6 hours to your advantage. Use these 6 hours to improve life, and always have a cheat day because you might go crazy.    
#3. Keep the Dream Alive, Share Your Experiences.
There are many skills that we all want to learn, there are many dreams that we are want to achieve and there are too many, too many sacrifices we need to make to keep it alive. I remember my high school career teacher asked me. Kiva, what is your dream job?. But then everyone wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or any other jobs that were known to be successful. Well, I didn’t have an idea, but now I do. I want to be a teacher. Because there are so many knowledge and experiences that everyone can learn, even if I am a 21 years old university student. Everyone can learn from each other. Age, race, gender, whatever. Those do not matter, your life story is just as good of mine. No one can compare your life to others, share your experiences and keep your dream alive. Blogging is my final secret to feeling alive in this cruel, cruel world.   
Thank you. Don’t be afraid of being overwhelmed.

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