I know, I know, you are having problems with life, difficulties every day. Your car doesn’t start, transportation systems delays, connection problems with your internet providers, paying your bills, maintaining a social circle, and whatever problems that humans have every day. Trust me, I have many problems in my life too, there are too many things to do in one day, and I am confident that sometimes your life is really stressed out too. In fact, writing a blog is frustrating too, occasionally.
Life is a Simple Game Starts Here.
But recently, I started to invest my thoughts into this concept, an idea, where life is a simple game. I got this idea from an anime called “No Game No Life: Zero”. The very last quote from the movie was “some people just have to make it challenging”. There I started to think a lot about this concept. I started to question myself, what if life was a game, except for the fact that you cannot restart.
Let’s play a game together. Actually, let’s play chess, but not as a player but a chess piece. In chess, there are 16 pieces on both sides, and the majority of them are pawns. Now I ask you, do you recognize yourself as a pawn? No? Well, unless you actually have political power, then you are probably like me. A pawn in this cruel world.
Life as a Pawn
I don’t play much chess but I understand some basics. A pawn can only move forward, it’s movements are limited, and either it eats or it’s eaten. Sometimes it is used as a sacrificial tool to achieve a stronger goal. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you can visualize this when you think of what your economy teacher or history teacher taught you in high school. When you were taught about the people in war or poverty. But let me tell you a little story.
A Realization of my life.
Once upon a time, there was this innocent and not as intelligent kid. He knew nothing about this world or how big it actually is. Living in this own social circle, going to school every weekday, then going to work every weekend. Graduating high-school and moving on to university, following the same rules of society. Then realizing, life is actually already planned out for us, the some-what luckier ones. We get a good education then we get a decent job based on what we learn and establishing a basic life given by society. And if we aren’t lucky, we fall down, hard enough it becomes difficult to climb again. Life is already planned out for you when you were born. Some people are rich, some people are talented, some people are average, and some people are poor. And maybe, living along with life isn’t bad for the lucky ones. But the unlucky ones have to fight every day just to survive.
Maybe, You Don’t want to be Pawn.
Living under the rules of society isn’t bad, following every rule of society, following what your parents’ ideology of a good life is fine. But what if you are like me, what if you don’t want a life like this? Then you have to change right? You have to fight for what you want.
My everyday thoughts.
My life was really planned out for me, my parents aren’t rich, but our family was decently wealthy enough to be a citizen of Canada. I went to a decent school, graduated then move on to university. My life is pretty average, and my parents expected that. Not just my parents, my teachers, my friends, and even myself. I thought to myself, working 9-5, getting a decent pay, spending time with my families and loved ones more, playing some games with friends, going out to have fun, living a life like that wouldn’t be bad. But at the end, I always tell myself no. I don’t want to be average, I don’t want to live an average life. I am not good at studies, I admit that getting a high GPA doesn’t have a high enough value for me anymore. I desired to build my life, to tell my future self. “You are worth that value, you are worth your dreams.”
You have to Make Your Life Challenging.
Every person has their ups and downs, everyone has to face challenges, everyone struggles sometimes. Of course, there are others that make your life challenging and it is hard. I understand, I often spend a lot of money too, I barely meet my deadline for assignments, I am often a deadweight to my team for many things, and I often fail to maintain the balance of my life. These are all challenges that are given to everyone in life. Sure, you can finish them, you can hang on by a thread and manage to pass these challenges one by one and move on with life. By doing this, you will grow, but the real question is how much are you willing to sacrifice for growth? Challenge yourself, limits are only inside your mentality. Go beyond it. Remember, everything in this world starts with a basic, simple step. One step at a time and every challenge on yourself becomes a simple game.
Final Conclusion and a Question to Consider.
Life is really a simple game, don’t overcomplicate it, living is a difficult thing to do. There are people who give up their lives because they can’t find answers, they can’t handle the challenges, the stress, the failures that life gave them. It’s sad to see a young student committing suicide and it is also sad to see someone giving up after one failure.
“If you were given power, would you want to change the world, or yourself?”
My answer was always. “I want to be a somebody.”
Change and Adapt, Go and Live the World in Your Own Way. Don’t be A Pawn, Be the Player of Your Life.
Thank you, Regards, Kiva.

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