Life is full of events and sceneries that we cannot comprehend. We wonder our minds through the universe of mindless thinkings. We feed our self with unnecessary people and garbage that consumes us as we believe they are important to our souls.
   The question always lies between the boundary and balance of time and productively. But the question is truly misleading, I don’t believe we are all knowledgeable about the relationship between productivity and time. But I do know everyone out there has their own personal definition of life.
   Life is expensive, it is an essence that no one has control over. There is nothing you can trade for in exchange of time nor life. Every single second that you spend is every single second leading to the end of your entire journey. Inside the depths of your soul, you know. You understand the logic, every single moment is important, but we are just letting it pass.
   We spend our times making decisions, we are all one decision away from an entirely different life. We woke up in the morning, laying in our bed. We realized it is another morning, maybe we don’t think too much of today. Maybe it is just another day of work, just letting it pass by doing the same exact things again and again. But maybe we can decide to search for what we are missing in our world, the other parts that will make our paths more clear.
   Nobody can rewind time or restart their own journey, but one can use it to find and satisfy their true desires. Your world is a safe and quiet place where you can always find yourself at peace. You wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on garbage, so why would you involve your life with people who aren’t worthy of your time. 
   Live your life with values that create assets and not with expenses that drain your very own blood.  – kiva – 

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