A professor started a class like this. He took out a piece of note from this pants. “This piece of note is worth 1 million dollars USD. Who wants it.” 200 students all rose their hand. He then folds the paper in half. “Who wants it now.” Again, 200 students rose their hands.
He nods his head, he then folds it into small halves until it cannot fold again. “What about now?” The headcount was the same. He then unfolds the paper and crushes it with his force. “Now?”. 200 hands again. “Okay” as he nodded his head. He threw the 1 million dollar note onto the ground, lift’s his right foot and steps on it. Crushing it with amazing force and leaving it with the dirt of his shoes. “Hands?” He asked. Again, 200 students all rose their hands.
“For 1 million dollars, you guys will desire it, no matter how I fold, crush, or trash it. Because that value is strong enough for you guys to keep it. Now imagine this note was your life.” Silent surrounds the room.
“Your life will be crushed, people will reject you, leave you, dominate over you, abuse you, and even forcing you to fall to the depths of hell. But climb, climb out of it. Be stronger than them, if you wish to accomplish your dreams. You have to be stronger than those people who speak your dreams are crazy, are foolish, you will be destinated to fail, and those who talk safety, those who care about you, parents and friends. Because that is the sacrifice you need to make a difference in the world.”

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