What is Change?

What do or how do people define change or what is change or what does change even mean? The Metamorphosis or a caterpillar is a change and just changing your morning routine is also a change. It seems on simple on paper, you have a role model and you simply follow his or her steps. Climbing the ladder one by step and you will eventually reach there right?. Well, no. That’s the lie you tell your kids, that’s the lie you tell others, and obviously, that’s a lie you often tell yourself.
Recently, I’ve been thinking, is change really what I want?. I mean, I have a stable life, a very systematic life that follows the average people. Get a degree and go find a job then you work to support your life. Isn’t that good enough? Who cares if you are rich if you are driving a Hondo compared to a BMW or even a Tesla or some other luxury car that is expensive as hell? Sure, you get people telling you “nice car”, maybe you will even feel good about it. I know I would love to have a car that stands out, I would want to drive in a Bently too. But if you can afford the cost to buy it, then you have to afford the cost to maintain it. Then I realize one very important thing. Change does not mean you have to be rich or make more money or go adopt a life that you doesn’t fit you. It really just defines whether your values are good or bad.
You are you, you be you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Before you tell me that you want to be a different person. Don’t tell me the reason but tell me what is wrong with the current you?. Let me just give you one of my personal experiences. Between the transition from high school and university, I become a women chaser. I was around 18 at that time, after a couple failed attempts. I became to understand, it is actually hard. People’s value changes and so do ours. I discover the power of YouTube. I was desperate, I did not know what to do, so I literally type in “how to get girls to like me”. That was a change, I did not change because I wanted to become a better person or anything. I changed myself so I can get other values. It’s simple, humans are selfish to some degree. We all want to improve at something because it will benefit ourselves more than it would benefit others.

It’s not Just About Self-Improving

Sounds really simple right? Reading books, studying other people, and listening to their theory about how you can change or how to self-develop yourself. I agree these are good information sources. I development myself a lot because I have done these too. It became really easy for me because I believe that I wasn’t good enough and that these bits of advice changed me for the better sake. I actually have the capability to understand other people, their negativity, their positivity, their actions, even their reasoning. It felt really good. Well until the moments where you reach an ending. You have been improving yourself, at least that you believe, but to where? Where is your path, what is your goal? Maybe you have a destination? Well, in the end. It’s all about the legacy that you want to leave behind when you die.
Well, obviously you can’t be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Albert Einstein, you get the point. You don’t have the ability to leave something so great to humankind unless you can prove me wrong. But I know and I admit I don’t have such greatness. But life is really about creation, leaving a valuable object behind so others can learn from you.
From my early childhood, all I wanted to be was a teacher. I did not like nor understand my teachers. Their methods, their teaching, their understand or anything back then. To today, I still don’t believe they have the best methods. Maybe it’s the society itself or it could be the education system but I wasn’t taught how to live my life. My dream is to educate students so that they can understand others and don’t turn out to be those scums in society.

To be Honest, Just Read This Paragraph.

Okay, enough with the off-topic crap. Like I say, change is hard yet very simple. The main reason is very simple. You have to give up too much, you have to suffer too much and there are too many things you have to give up. There are parts of you that shouldn’t be changed. The original good parts of you, these things are valuable and you don’t need to follow others’ advice. A couple of weeks ago, I started to do a lot of things online and by doing that I neglected my girlfriend. We started to argue and fought over the stupidest things. Because I was so obsessed with starting an online business, contributing half my time towards that. She felt lonely and eventually, things started to go downhills. I realized that there are things that I would never want to change and the relationship between my girlfriend is one of them.
To tell you the truth, every day you are changing. No matter you realized it or not, you will soon recognize you are seeing the world differently every day and that’s the hard part. Life is never balanced. you can never balance it. There is always up and downs, everyone thinks differently and you just have to accept the fact that your actions will change yourself and others that surround you.
In the end, change doesn’t make you right, your change will only make your life better or worse, keep the values that make you a person. You are still human, you have feelings and treasures to keep. Don’t discard them because someone told you it will make your life better, making your own decisions is an important part of change itself.
Regards, Kiva.

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