Life is never simple for any of us, we always make it complicated. Whether is education, work, maybe even relationships. We always seem to have some sort of problems from time to time. We wake up every morning, whether its 5 am or 9 am or even 12 at noon. The first thing that comes to our mind is whether we are living this day or just letting it pass by.
I always look at myself in the mirror. I ask myself why. Why I am doing all of this? Is it for money, fame, or relationships? What I am lacking in my life that I am not satisfied with? I stared at myself for a long time, waiting for an answer, but sadly the soundless vibrations of my breath woke me up from this short-term daydreaming. I call at myself, as the voice of my mind spoke to me. “I am nothing, I have to fight, we don’t have a choice.”
As day pass by one after another, I have fought against challengers one after another. Drowning me down in the river of fatigue. I told myself, I am tired, complaining that this is too hard. Wanting a break from this aimless path going nowhere. But another part of me, tells me that this is worth it. That I can’t give up. That I can’t break down from something so simple, there is a greater future for me. This is just another part of God’s challenges. I just have to discover it.
I had many dreams, many talents that I could have explored at the young age. I looked into the past, a majority of my friends were born to be talented. They had great powers and great knowledge way above me, whether it’s physical abilities or their high intelligence. The distance felt like sky and earth. At that age, I realized there is a destination I cannot get to. Therefore, I lead myself into a trap of wasting my life, letting every day pass by with mindless activities.
As I aged further, the distance extended into a deeper abyss. It wasn’t just the sky and earth anymore, it was a distance where I can’t even look into. I stared into the job requirements for the jobs I wanted. I thought to myself, I don’t have any of these. I have become aware that I am nothing.
I regret, telling myself only if I studied harder, only if I work harder, then I might have become someone who I am proud of.
Then one day, I suddenly understood. Time is not unlimited, if I don’t use it wisely now, I will never will. In the end, I am either going to live my life or end up wasting it. I learned a very important lesson.
If I don’t sacrifice for my dreams, my dreams will become my sacrifice. – Dan Lok –
If I don’t become a challenger to myself, to life. I will never have a chance to obtain my dreams. If I don’t even have the will to fight, then how can I negotiate for a better life. – Kiva – 

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