Being the Regular

Humans, people, creatures, everyone has a different personality but many of us have the same goals in life. Before, all I thought was being a regular commoner, graduating from university, getting a job with my degree and eventually doing what regular people do. Living, paying taxes, having a stable income, getting married, kids and maybe even going to different places in this world. Sounds easy enough right? Anyone could do it with the right abilities and utilities given to them.
Society has changed, evolved from generations to the another. But there is one thing that will never change. Human nature.

Growing Up

I realized one important aspect of life, growing up. My parents, teachers, and mentors told me that growing up means taking responsibilities and having the capability to take care of yourself. Over these years, I realized there are more to growing up. It wasn’t just making money or having responsibilities. And it isn’t about age either.
Let’s not call it growing up, let’s call it accepting reality.

Monsters and Geniuses Exist Everywhere

We don’t live in a utopia, we can’t. No one is equal. Everyone is born different. There are people who are born rich, born talented, and born with better physical capabilities. Life is always unfair. Compared to those monsters and geniuses, we commoner have nothing that can match them. We don’t have the money, we don’t have the body, we don’t even have the brains to match them. Against these monsters and geniuses, we will never run ahead of them in life. We can put in effort and effort and even more effort but at the end, we will never reach the finish line before them. And we shouldn’t.

Human Nature

The world is a place corrupted by human nature. Greed, envy, lust, kindness, pride… you name it. The biggest and most impactful events exist with the higher-ups or the supreme ones, we commoners will probably live a common life. And of course, there are the inferior ones.
Winning, our education system trained us to act and perform Ithis way. But its wrong. Our education system is quite evil. It teaches us many things in life except how to actually live, we self-develop ourselves to live our own lives.

Commoners, Supremes and Inferiors

If we commoners can never win against the supreme ones, then why are we fight against each other? To reach the top filled with monsters and geniuses by beating down commoners and isolating ourselves because we believe we belong to the higher-ups?
Everyone makes a mistake or two, everyone has been looked down upon and have looked down upon someone else. Sure, competition is important, winning is fun, it’s an essential aspect of life. But is it really winning when we are taking advantages of each other for a small gain and becoming those people who cheat their ways in life?
In this world, there is a large number of people who cheat their ways through life. Cheating is cheating even if nobody finds out. Don’t bother, if you need to cheat, you aren’t ready to be in the race. I called these people, the inferior ones. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. It’s actually true. Life is a place where cheaters will never win.
Inferior ones are those people who take advantages over other people over and over again. They benefit themselves by taking and never actually giving enough value to support others. Also known as the takers. These people will never achieve anything much in life. Trust me, I know because I been one.

Try accepting people as people.

Everyone is just living, support others and they will support you. Sometimes, giving will receive more value than just taking. Life has a balance of giving and take, a power spectrum of your state of mind.

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