Sometimes it’s Okay to be A Child.

I woke up a little early this morning than I usually do, which is around 7. I am trying to wake up earlier but my girlfriend has a different mindset about early mornings. Anyways, I woke up and have breakfast, planning to write a draft and go for a jog because Spring is coming for Toronto. But then I saw my brothers coming down and turning on the television. They were watching the thundermans, it seems like a sitcom for children. It attracted me, it actually made me laugh, and in my mind, I thought this show is actually quite decent. Then I realized something, something so important that everyone forgets when trying to grow up. The Inner Child within their Hearts.

Looking back at the Past 

Long ago, I used to play a card game called YuGiOh, as I became older, I distant myself from the game because I thought it was childish to play the game back then. But now looking at it, it was my childhood. I know there are people who had a horrible childhood and that these people would want to forget it. But take my advice if you are willing to, these horrible pasts make up who you truly are, the more you run away from your past, the more you will be devoured by it. 

Everyone needs to embrace their inner child once a while

I know you get tired, I get tired, everyone gets tired from time to time. If you are a student like me, you are probably concerned about many things in life. Studies, income, expenses, social circle, reputation on social media, and a lot of other things that 21 years old students should be thinking about. And if you aren’t, I am pretty sure you all more responsibilities than me. But all the stress, all that worrying. It piles up. Sometimes we just have to escape this world, become a child, enjoy life. Get yourself an enjoyment of life before facing all of your responsibilities. Sometimes, you just need to be in the right mood, right time, the right place to become the right person to finish the right job.

Learning from the Younger Self

Let me ask you if you can go back in past and tell yourself the paths that you should have taken, every mistake you made, every single little detail that could have changed your life. What would you tell yourself?. I don’t know what would you tell yourself but I know I would go tell myself “keep going, don’t give up.” There are many times where I started something but eventually gave up. There are moments where I regretted giving up and maybe this can change your life. Giving up is not a failure, giving up is not willing to accept failure, not trying to finish what could have been finished. Tell yourself “I am willing to accept failure, but I am not willing to accept not trying”.

Final Conclusion –  Share Your Childhood Memories with a Good Friend. 

Childhood memories are precious, they are treasures to you and should be treasures to your good friends too. Express your feelings to this world, express your childhood. There is no reason to show who you truly are. Go enjoy the sunset, enjoy the view, and have a good laugh at your past. 


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