How to Get a GirlFriend (99.9% Works)

Trust me, this is the only guide you need to get a girlfriend. (maybe there will be a part two). Before you read the guide, I need you to understand, this is not some motivation blog or some easy tips or steps to getting a woman. You need to work hard, the harder you work the more chances you have with women, especially those higher standards ones. Yes, this is a blog about changing and becoming better.

Let me just state this, I might not be good at other things but I am naturally good with woman. But everyone could get better, so fellow brother, let me guide you down. And yes, I have a girlfriend, her name is Nina and I have known her for three years. (She is only reading my blog if I included her in my blogs, sorry guys.)

First, go look at your self in the mirror. Get that narcissist mind out of your head and ask yourself, if you were a woman, would you date this guy?. Well if your answer is yes and you do not have a girlfriend then sir, you are doing something terribly wrong. And if your answer is no, then self-develop yourself. Ask your self, are you really satisfied with yourself?

Remodeling yourself is the most important way to become better. Depending on your age, you might be better suited for different types of remodeling. Let me tell you a secret, women love Korean drama, why? Because there is always a hot Korean actor that knows that to communicate to women in their own style and it makes her fall in love with these fantasies. The key point here is to analyze a person that makes a woman want them and start to learn how they do it if you physically can. (I am only 160cm tall, so my options are limited).

 Understanding Values, what do you want? What are your standards?  What are you looking for in a woman?. Now if you got the previous two parts done, you are ready to understand the next secret technique. The SWOT analysis, by the way, I am a business major. Google it if you don’t know, google will explain better. You need to understand what are your strengths, what good attributes you have and what bad attributes you don’t want or can improve. Maybe you are like me, born as a pretty boy, maybe you workout, or maybe you know how to play the piano or guitar. Use your good attributes to communicate to women and change your bad attributes, so that you can use them to your advantages. Be careful with opportunity and threats, they are dangerous if you go brainless. (maybe I will cover them in another blog.) 

Once you have these mindsets, you obviously need to communicate to the woman right? Okay, let me answer your questions first. “What if I don’t have any female friends? What if I am shy? What if I am don’t know how?” and other what-ifs that you have in your mind. Okay, I understand you guys, I am like that too. So before I answer these questions, ask yourselves. “What if this was my chance? Do I lose to my inner self and run away, or stand and fight for my future?. If you don’t have many female friends, go meet them. Join a club, a group, go on tinder or tantan, go to places where those single ladies will appear. You just have to find the right person and that requires time and effort. With the technology today, you can pretty much find and learn everything, but it will never matter if you don’t do it.    

Okay, if you got this far, congratulation, now it is all about your atittude. Your attitude and personality is the most important aspect of getting a girlfriend.  Let me define attitude and personality, actually no. Let me tell you the secret, you just have to be somewhat mysterious, so the girl wants to understand you more. And you just have to smile and be kind to her, take her to movies, take her to dates, take her to places where she never been to. Give her the experience that she would never receive with another guy. (The part above is really important). 

Okay guys, so if these things worked for you, that’s great! And if it does not, you still improve to become someone better than before! So, the final step. Step up your room, make it clean and tidy. Throw in some candles and lights for romantical moments. Always have a good room, it will make your mind clear too. Okay, ready for the last secret you need to know?. Take Home, Make Love. 




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