3 Magic Phrases to Change.

Change is not an overnight fantasy, you can’t build Rome in one day. There are times where we all feel useless or worthless, and just simply not good enough. I too feel that way. In the world we live in, if you aren’t good enough, you will simply be dominated by others.

The secret to change is these 3 Magic Phrases.

#1. Shut-up and move on. 

There are many times where I have negative thoughts or views about others, about the world. How it sucks to be like this, or how it must be great to be rich, or even getting envy of other people, and maybe even complaining that other people are rude or calling them an idiot. Well, I realized that these thoughts do not matter. The only thing between you and success is the negativity that you generate through self-talk. So tell yourself to shut up and move on with life.  

#2. Thank You for Letting me Understand.

Past experiences, everyone has them. Especially the ones that strike you every single time. I made many mistakes in life, ruining my reputation. Getting framed by others and even accusing them of my mistakes. Those worst nightmares that come after you every single day, those things that you want to forget so terrible much but you don’t have the ability to. Gratitude is the key to life, these horrible experiences are lessons of life, they help you self-develop yourself. They are your teachers, show them some gratitude for letting you understand that this is life.  

#3. I am Sorry. 

Hey, you know when you bump into someone, you gotta say sorry?. Well, what if you damage someone or blamed on someone else?. Many years ago, I ruined a great friend of mine. We have been together since childhood, but everything changed in high school. We both changed and our friendship ended because of me. I never got to say sorry. I regretted it that. But life is full of regrets and failures, saying a meaningful sorry does not hurt. Change requires an apology before you can change. Apologize to yourself and apologize to the people you care about. Failure is only another motivation for success but regrets will only drag you down. 


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