3 Lessons learned from Working at Lower-Ended Jobs

Lower ended jobs are places where most of the majority started. That is their start point and that is where I started.

When I was 16 years of age, the legal age allowed to work. I applied myself to a Chinese restaurant as a busboy. It was horrible. I had long-shifts, below minimum average pay, and a terrible manager who does not care about his employees. Even then, I worked really hard because it was my first job, then I got fired because I yelled back at my manager. So anyway, moving on, I got another job at a supermarket, Foody Mart. For the next couple years, I worked there and was transfer to other stores that were under this company. To be honest, just working does not help you learn anything, back then I just cared about the money. But now, I started to develop the mentality of learning. Here are couple lessons that I learned when I thought about these life experiences

#1. You can self-develop your self, even if you are a cashier or, any other title.

A year ago, I was transferred to a store called “Best Livings”, it’s a retailer that sells household products and other things that my manager believes it will sell. I was assigned to be a cashier. A cashier is probably the most important job for self-development, at least in my opinion. First, no matter what stages in life are you in, you need to understand people. To a business, relationships with customers are essential and cashiers provide a valuable experience because it is the last check out the customer visits. But to our personal lives, well for me, it allowed me to speak to customers. It helped me understand how to develop myself to be more confident with other people and to be more open to strangers. If everyone was your customers, wouldn’t it be easy to develop a better relationship? Your actions lead to lessons, doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Its all about development to be better.

#2. Having a mentor is very, very, very important. (very is emphasized)

Dear Manager,

Sometimes you are really evil, but I can not deny that you are really good.

My manager is a beast. I don’t know his actual age, but he seems to be 28-30s, I think. I am just going to boast about him for a while. He understands and speaks 4 languages, has a huge memory capacity, has a strong body that can work heavy physical labor, he always knows how many inventories needed to be stocked, able to make really good relationships with suppliers, and a lot, a lot more. He told me he dropped out of university though, not sure if that’s true. Anyway, the better your mentor is, the more you actually learn. Even an online mentor is good too, it is usually better than trying it yourselves. We learn from our people’s mistakes and achievements. That is why there is grade 10 history.

#3. Having fun is important

You are probably saying that these work hardy give any enjoyment or that you already know that or that asking how the hell you have fun working for McDonald or something. (I don’t work for McDonald, but I know McDonald is a good retail to challenge yourself, but that’s another story.). Back then I didn’t have fun, no, it was more actually the fact that I did not understand what is so fun about working. Let me rephrase that, what is so fun about gaming? or watching your favorite drama? or traveling to another country?. Well, the simple answer is because you enjoy it. Changing your mentality is important, that how you become a learning machine. So try to enjoy yourself at work, see the positive side of things and you will love it, life is full of enjoyment, pain is a enjoyment to success.





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