5 Skills that I learned through Video Gaming.

Skills are important, it is the ability to make you different from the average person. Usually, skills are differentiated into two separate categories. One being the intellect skills that requires our brain to process them most of the times such as playing chess. And the other one is the physical skills that we gained from practicing or performing it in repetition, for example, using the knife. But many people don’t recognize there is one more category, called Mentality. Here are ten mentality skills I developed through playing games.

#1. The mentality of wanting to improve is Passion.

I am pretty sure we all have played video games before, and sometimes you are just bad at it. I used to play a MOBA game called League of Legends, this game had many mechanical skills and game knowledge that a player must know in order to become above average. At first, I was terrible at that game. I hated that the opponent was just so much better than me, so I learned. I wanted to improve myself because I had a passion for that game. 

#2. Repetition of the Basics is boring but it is worth the time.

E-sports is a huge market and a growing industry for society at this time of age. Being a professional gamer is actually a career and they actually get paid very decently just for playing games; an average of $226,776 and $454,544 over the course of 3 years for 30 tournaments.(well, you get way more than these numbers if you are really, really good). These people practice their basic skills in gaming every single day. That’s why they are good at the game. Same to life, repeating the same practice over and over again is boring, but mastering the basics is the key to mastering performance. 

#3. Dealing with negative people, flamers, toxic kids, assholes… You get the point.

League of Legend is a huge community, I have played this game for a good 6 years. I played on my main account for 126,162 minutes > 2103 hours > 88 days. A good waste of 88 days of my life just on one account. But let me tell you, over the courses of 6 years, League’s community never improved, it only got worse. There wasn’t a single day without these kinds of people. You just have to get used to them, learn to ignore them and don’t waste your time with these people. They will always exist, you cant get rid of them all.

#4. Don’t limit your challenge but challenge your limits.

Okay, this is the last league example. I promise. I talked about mechanical skills before, these are the skills that a player needs to master to be really, really good. Many champions (characters you can play) requires some mechanical skills but there are champions that are solely based on mechanical skills. In order to master these champions, players have to spend hours and hours playing and practicing them while getting blamed by the team for losing. And these are the people who became excel at these champions. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that you are the only one setting your limits, go and fucking break them. 

#5. Never giving up is your success.

Failure is not scary, people fail all the key. That is how someone development themselves when I was a young boy, my mom always told me to stand up when you fell. Wherever you fell down, wherever you restart. I am pretty sure there was a level that you cannot get through and you tried over and over again until you, either realized that it was impossible for you or you actually succeed. Well, life is like that, full of failures and people are always trying again and again for success. Failure should be your motivation for never giving up, and not giving up until you have to give up should be your success. I mean at least you tried.    

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