Accepting Reality and Human Nature

Being the Regular Humans, people, creatures, everyone has a different personality but many of us have the same goals in life. Before, all I thought was being a regular commoner, graduating from university, getting a job with my degree and eventually doing what regular people do. Living, paying taxes, having a stable income, getting married, […]

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Life is just a Simple Game.

I know, I know, you are having problems with life, difficulties every day. Your car doesn’t start, transportation systems delays, connection problems with your internet providers, paying your bills, maintaining a social circle, and whatever problems that humans have every day. Trust me, I have many problems in my life too, there are too many […]

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Overwhelm. Keep the Dream Alive.

Overwhelm, being defeated completely. have you ever feel so overwhelmed that the only thing you could think about is how? I am not a good artist or a good painter, but if I had an art piece. Self-improvement would be my drawing of art. Recently there is an abundance of activities that need to complete. […]

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3 Magic Phrases to Change.

Change is not an overnight fantasy, you can’t build Rome in one day. There are times where we all feel useless or worthless, and just simply not good enough. I too feel that way. In the world we live in, if you aren’t good enough, you will simply be dominated by others. The secret to […]

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